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Welcome, Wayward Wanderer, to The Endless Elsewhere: a unique and unusual storytelling experience. 
This is an ongoing tale told in various eras, genres, and mediums. There are novels, short stories, short films, film vignettes, radio plays, comic books, and a podcast. Some installments occur in the distant past, while many do so in our own present, and still others are set in the far-off future, yet all of it belongs to one vast, interconnected story. This is a saga of the phantasmal and the fantastic, of the weird and the wondrous, of a great darkness and a greater light that overcomes it.
The Endless Elsewhere is masterminded by J.P. Leck
who serves as writer, director, producer, photographer, engineer, financier and so on. 
However, try as he might, no one man can do it all. He is aided in his endeavors by the following:
Stephen E. Foxworthy, Samuel Dumas, Tucker, Lauren Shen, Mindy Wesson, Timothy Renshaw, Meg Barnstead,
Jamie Adair, Matthew Vehemety, Lycia Taylor, Liberty Leck, Hudson Leck, Julia Leslie, Caleb Dunkerson, Hans Leck, Stephanie Dumas, Thomas Quinn, Tessa Johnson, Josh Parker, Dennis Hanley, Patty Esparza, Jack Draga, Delo James, Bob Mallison, David Dumas, Jordan Leigh Wheatley, Emanuel Aguirre, Alex Shen, Kathy Dumas, Renee Mangold, Laura Morrison Richcreek, Isha Mansare
and Lindsay Leck