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Mine is a very strange business. I specialize in the discovery and disclosure of stories considered far too outlandish for traditional publication. It has been my life's work to seek out narratives of a phantasmal or fantastic nature. This book contains some of the more unusual accounts that I have collected over the years. You will find horror between these pages, certainly, but there is something else as well, something far stronger: hope. The purpose of this book is not to frighten but to hearten. There are those of us who battle against the great darkness of this world, but we are few, like candles in the abyss, so I seek to inspire more to action. Our work is difficult but our motto is simple...

Do Good. Fight Evil. Repeat.


310 pages

5.5 x 0.7 x 8.5 inches

The Endless Elsewhere Vol. I (autographed paperback)

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